Bakers of Buckland Society

"I now come to write about the branch of the stock from which I myself more immediately descended," S.J. Baker


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to:

  • Gather and preserve the Bakers of Buckland family historical documents and items for future generations to experience and enjoy.
  • Fund, promote and facilitate the safe-keeping and restoration of damaged historical records, documents, objects and edifices which are of lasting cultural value to the members of the Bakers of Buckland.
  • Support the preservation or establishment of memorials, libraries and museums that archive important historical documents and items of the Bakers of Buckland Society.
  • Discover and record the names of all living and deceased descendants of Henry Baker I of Isle of Wight, VA (hereafter referred to as “the Bakers of Buckland”, “The Bakers of Buckland Society” or the “Society.”)
  • Unite the living descendants of the Bakers of Buckland for the purpose of honoring the memory of the descendants of Henry Baker.
  • Provide educational opportunities for members in the form of tours, seminars, publications and scholarships, as funding allows.
  • Bring Bakers of Buckland family members into a closer family association through activities revolving around matters of common familial, historical and genealogical interest.
  • Record and preserve the events and accomplishments of the members of the Bakers of Buckland family and descendants
  • Assist in the organization of State “Bakers of Buckland Society” Chapters, wherein membership and interests justify their existence.

Hundreds of people (1200 and counting!) with various surnames can trace their ancestry back to Henry Baker I of Isle of Wight, VA (1645-1712).  Henry would have been their first ancestor to migrate to the Americas.  The families descending from Henry Baker and his wife, Mary Blake, were political leaders and large land holders that laid the foundation for the communities of south-eastern Virginia and eastern North Carolina.  They left behind historical buildings, cemeteries, artifacts and legends that are largely neglected today and will be lost if they are not preserved.

If you are interested in joining our society, please contact us at, or read more about membership here.  Please visit other pages of this website for further information about this society.

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