Bakers of Buckland Society

"I now come to write about the branch of the stock from which I myself more immediately descended," S.J. Baker

Officers of the Society

Elected Officers for 2018

Managing Officers:

  1. Jim Baker, President
  2. Dan Wooldridge, Secretary
  3. Susan Wooldridge, Treasurer
  4. Brent Baker, Director of Communications
  5. Karen Baker, Online Tree Manager
  6. Jim Baker, Director of IT

Tour Officer:

  1. Josiah Baker – Raleigh, NC Tours


  1. Bob Baker
  2. Karen Baker


Newsletter Editor: Brent Baker, Communications and Advertising Committee

Each Officer shall have the authority to establish one or more committees to support the duties of their Office.  Committees must be approved by a majority vote of the Officers, and Committee Chairs must be approved by a 2/3 majority vote of the voting members of the Society.

Corporate Directors

According to Federal law, the Society shall be overseen by (a minimum of) three Corporate Directors, all of whom are unrelated and who preside in the best interest of the Society.

  1. Susan Wooldridge, NE
  2. Devin Crowl, FL
  3. Henry Jordan, NC

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