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"I now come to write about the branch of the stock from which I myself more immediately descended," S.J. Baker

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Thank you to all of our Founding Members for making this Society possible!

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 John Baker, FL (2014)
Henry Breland, FL (2018)
Susan Wooldridge, FL
Robert Baker, CA
Charlene Baker, CA
Sarah Beaulieu, SC
Thomas Baker, TX
David Reese, TN
Christin Flynn, WA
Jim Baker, WA
Danielle Haymore, NE
Annalise Haymore, NE
Josiah Baker, NC
Samuel Baker, FL
Maxwell Baker, NC
Karen Baker, AUS
Roger Vann Smith, NC

What is a Founding Member? The title of “Founding Member” is bestowed upon a person who either (A) invested in the formation of this organization when it was originally established, or (B) donates a sizable monetary gift. Once a person earns the status of “Founding Member,” he or she will always be known as a Founder in the records of our Society. If you become a Founder, your insignia will always bear the purple sash. And for each Silver or Gold Founding gift you donate, you will receive a star on your sash.

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2 comments on “Founding Members

  1. Douglas Gillis
    June 5, 2016

    I am trying to get information on the family of Dr. Simmons J Baker from his time in Jackson County, Florida. My great great aunt, Caroline Tillinghast), married Dr. Baker’s son, Simmons J Baker Jr. There are two Baker plots in St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Marianna, Florida. Caroline Tillinghast Baker and some other Bakers are buried in a very old plot, and her husband Simmons Baker Jr, is buried in a newer plot, adjacent to the older plot. A tombstone next to Simmons Baker Jr, is for an Elizabeth Matilda, wife of Simmons J Baker, who died on Aug 6, of what appears to be 1860. Was this one of Dr. Baker’s wives, and if not who was she. Simmons Baker Jr. and Caroline Tillinghast were married at St. Lukes in 1847, and she died in, I believe, 1898. I would really like to know about Elizabeth Matilda. Thank you, Douglas Gillis

  2. karenbbs
    June 5, 2016

    Hello Douglas, thanks for leaving a message. I am descended from Dr Simmons Jones Baker. He is my 3rd great grandfather.

    Simmons Jones Baker Jr (1805-1887) was married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth Matilda Hawkins, born 1819 in North Carolina. They were married 23 Nov 1837 in Warren County, North Carolina and had 6 children all born in Florida. The youngest, Elizabeth Matilda Baker, was born Apr 1850 and died Aug 1850, probably around the same day as her mother.

    Simmons Jones Baker Jr’s 2nd wife was Caroline Tillinghast, born 15 Jun 1835 in Georgia. She died on 9 Jan 1896 in Florida. Simmons and Caroline were married 18 Apr 1854 in Jackson County, Florida. They had 5 children all born in Florida.

    Many of the other Baker plots at St Luke’s are for another 2 sons of Dr Simmons Jones Baker: James Lawrence George Baker and his wife Sally Smith Baker and their children, and James Smith Baker who was married 3 times. Have you seen their details on

    Do you descend from one of the children of Simmons and Caroline? If you do, I would like to include your info in the Bakers of Buckland family tree on


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